Greetings From LV-426!

Greetings everyone, from everyone’s – here’s looking at you, Weyland-Yutani – favourite moon of distress beacons, croissant-shaped ships, and alien monsters. No, not LV-223 (the cinematography was amazing though).

LV-426, and its Lovecraft-meets-Giger denizens, beckon you on our journey of dissecting (no, not literally) a different director’s filmography – or most popular or obscure selection thereof – every week.
Yes, that’s us ( Photo)

You just know we’re looking forward to Ridley Scott week. You can follow it on your social media motion trackers (i.e. Twitter and Instagram very soon) and hear it in the vents. No, we don’t mean to pique your paranoia. We’re not actually in the vents. Right?

There’ll also be film reviews every Thursday to coincide with opening day/weekend here in LV-UAE and some short stories or premises thereof too.

That’s about it for us, remember to check your luggage as you travel for smuggled facehuggers and always, always run from your unfriendly neighbourhood distress beacons.

In The Cinemorph, No One Can Hear You Read.

Best regards,

Ayub Salim

Editor and Writer,

The Cinemorph

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